Our Story

Our story began at a University of Texas football (the real football for you U.K. folks) game in September, 2012. (Hook 'em!) We were introduced by a mutual friend, and we found that we shared a lot in common. After the game, we headed to our favorite campus bar, Abel's, and talked the night away. The very next day, we went on our first date, which ended at Hey! Cupcake (this is important). As the semester went on, we spent almost all of our time together, including many more trips to Abel's. Like the saying goes - the rest was history.

Senior Year at UT

We continued going on dates until Kevin asked Jill to be official. Kevin's GPA finally went up due to Jill's good influence, and we had a lot of fun exploring new activities together during our senior year (also know as Kevin's victory lap) in Austin.

Long Distance

Jill was accepted to UT Houston Medical School and began her training and education to be a doctor in 2013. Kevin was working in an internship at an Austin startup during college, and was offered a full-time position there after graduation. We stay together over long distance, and Kevin would make the drive to Houston as often as he could to see Jill. His truck broke down on more than one occasion, but that didn't stop him!

Kevin Moves to Houston

We got tired of Highway 71, and after a brief "intermission" in our relationship, Kevin got a job at IBM and made the move to Houston. This allowed us to spend a lot more time together and sealed our relationship. We got our dog, Colt, who is our pride and joy.

She Says Yes!

Coming up with a unique proposal idea was pretty tough at first. After some dead ends, Kevin reached out to Emily, Jill's Maid of Honor and they concocted a plan. With Emily's help, Kevin had Hey! Cupcake place the ring on a cupcake, and when Jill ordered, he got down on a knee. Despite several potential disasters, Jill had no idea and was completely surprised.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please reach out to us at jillhsemple@gmail.com.